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InternAlliance utilizes a simple, seamless web-based approach to bridge the gap between diverse students and internship employment, strengthening the workforce pipeline for employers.

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Hiring an Intern for Your Business

As any employer or corporate recruiter knows, interns can play an invaluable role to the growth of a company.

Interns can have a positive impact on a company’s performance. Summer interns often help fill in short staffed, vacation gaps while Winter/Fall interns help greatly during the holiday and busy season.

When assessing the needs of your company, is hiring an intern for your business right for you? If so, let us help.

Finding a good intern is pretty much like finding a needle in a haystack.

At InternAlliance, we take the guesswork and hard work out of the process for hiring an intern. Instead, we make it more efficient and simplified for hiring an intern for your business.

Our service works to connect employers looking for interns with students looking for internships. Instead of wasting time on useless job boards and other platforms, get instantly connected with the right talent pool through our portal.

Internship programs are a smart recruitment tool for businesses, big and small. With our talented pool of students trying to find internships, you can strengthen your workforce while driving the productivity of your business upward. It just makes sense.

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