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Are you a student looking for the right environment to gain necessary experience and build your network? Or maybe you’re an employer on the hunt for the top candidates available? If you fall into either one of these categories, then you have come to the right place.

As one of the fastest growing internship websites, InternAlliance is the best source for connecting employers and students with one another. We pride ourselves on our diverse selection of internship candidates as well as our increasing network of employers looking for interns. On the employer’s side, we show you how to hire an intern for businesses of all sizes. By connecting you with the most diversely qualified pool of applicants available, you can find top quality candidates to give your company the competitive advantage it needs. On the student’s side, we help connect you to employers looking for interns. Whether it’s a paid internship or an internship for credit, our extensive network of companies has what you are looking for.

Stop wasting your time and resources on cluttered, ineffective job boards and opt for a more seamless, web-based approach to finding interns/ internships.

Why Considering an Unpaid Internship Matters

In this current competitive environment, it’s not enough to just have good grades. You need something on your resume that sets you apart from the rest. That’s where internships come into play. There are some great paid internships out there for the taking; perfect for students who want to put some money in the piggy bank while going to college. Sometimes, finding those internships can be harder than you expect. When you use an internship finder like InternAlliance, in addition to the coveted paid internships you are matched with, there are other fantastic opportunities that you won’t want to miss. These often overlooked jobs are unpaid internships. While you may be a little hesitant about choosing an unpaid internship, there are plenty of reasons and benefits that come from them, some of these benefits include college credit, experience, access to leadership, and work perks – to name a few. Still unsure as to why you should choose an unpaid internship? In following the “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” method of thinking, here’s why you shouldn’t overlook unpaid internships. Why Considering An Unpaid Internship Matters: If skills match the job requirements, then focus may be on culture fit. If focus is on culture fit, then a path is paved for career success. If a path is paved for career success, then an entry-level job may follow. If an entry-level job follows, then potential for quality of life increases. If quality of life increases, then balance may be achieved. IF your skills match the job requirements and a focus is on culture fit, THEN a successful career path yielding monetary rewards & quality of life may be achieved. So, the... read more

Networking Trade Secrets – Infographic

Ever hear the phrase “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? While it may not be entirely true, the core of the statement certainly stands on a logical premise; getting along with people will help you achieve success. That said, we’ve put together an informative little piece to help you understand the fundamental principles of “Networking”.   Networking Trade Secrets – Infographic   Or Download the PDF: Networking Trade... read more

Why Being Timely Matters To Interns

Why being timely matters to interns: If reporting to an “early morning or late night” boss cramps beauty sleep, then agreement on work hours is imperative.  If arriving 5 minutes early is perceived as late, then be 10 minutes early.  If relishing nightlife is effecting start time, then reassess priorities.  If apologizing when the discussion permits individual insights, then being late to a meeting won’t be as disruptive.  If missing deadlines is the norm, then sharpen organization & communication skills.  IF leveraging flextime is a benefit, THEN ensure you demonstrate organizational value by work schedule, meeting, & project punctuality.  Being timely... read more

“I’ve benefitted from my association with  InternAlliance’s CEO Danielle Gruppo, and so too has every organization with which she has been affiliated.  Her business acumen and in-depth knowledge of the industry within which she thrives is impressive.”


Dr. Shelton Goode

Director, Diversity and Inclusion, Oshkosh Corporation