First Impressions: Why They’re Everything

First Impressions: Why They’re Everything

As Danielle Gruppo says in her book Recruiter Secrets,An unkept look won’t impress the interview team.’ Looking your best is not only applicable to job attainment but also in many situations in life.

Whether attending school and interacting with professors, meeting the family of a best friend or significant other for the first time, or perhaps it’s just an average day.  Looking your best could make all the difference in the world.

A classmate of mine recently brought this very topic to light on the day we had a test.  She had been attending class all week in sweats, no makeup, etc., but on the day of the test she was dressed sharply with her hair AND makeup done…WOW!  I asked her what the occasion was and she responded happily, ‘Look my best, to do my best!’.  I cannot tell you how well these words have resonated with me since then.

Although we may tell ourselves repeatedly not to judge a book by its cover…we still do, after all it is human nature. The first impression IS everything and how we are dressing and preparing ourselves for the event of LIFE each day is important.

When we dress well and take care of ourselves in regard to personal hygiene and grooming, people want to approach us, people want to help us, and most importantly people tend to be more inclined to engage in conversation with us and remember us. We also FEEL good. Just like that saying goes, ‘look good, feel good’ – it is 100% true. By taking simple care to look our best, we are essentially psyching ourselves out in a positive way.  Even if we don’t feel good immediately, we will feel better than if we hadn’t put forth any effort. We will be more confident because of how we are dressed and ready to take on the world.

Try it out, do a little experiment. We can all use a confidence boost here and there, and you never know when you may run into your future employer.