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In order to be hired, you need experience. However, how can you gain the experience without being hired somewhere first?

This conundrum has confused students for years. With the growing pool of job applicants becoming increasingly competitive, the best way to garner the entry level experience you need is through finding an internship.

At InternAlliance, we connect students with companies that need an intern.  We work to bridge the gap between students and employers, in an effort to help students gain the experience they need to jump start their career.

Through our network of employers, you can find a variety of internships that cater to your interests, career goals, or major.  From hard to find Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math internships to internships that value diversity ~ we believe that we can connect you to the internship of your dreams.

With our network of employers looking for interns, you won’t be relegated to just making copies or fetching coffee. Instead, you will be placed into an environment that assists you with building your network and gaining relevant experience in your industry.

We’ve helped hundreds of other students find their ideal internship. Now, let us help you!

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