Why Considering an Unpaid Internship Matters

Why Considering an Unpaid Internship Matters

In this current competitive environment, it’s not enough to just have good grades. You need something on your resume that sets you apart from the rest. That’s where internships come into play. There are some great paid internships out there for the taking; perfect for students who want to put some money in the piggy bank while going to college.

Sometimes, finding those internships can be harder than you expect. When you use an internship finder like InternAlliance, in addition to the coveted paid internships you are matched with, there are other fantastic opportunities that you won’t want to miss. These often overlooked jobs are unpaid internships.

While you may be a little hesitant about choosing an unpaid internship, there are plenty of reasons and benefits that come from them, some of these benefits include college credit, experience, access to leadership, and work perks – to name a few.

Still unsure as to why you should choose an unpaid internship? In following the “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” method of thinking, here’s why you shouldn’t overlook unpaid internships.

Why Considering An Unpaid Internship Matters:

  • If skills match the job requirements, then focus may be on culture fit.
  • If focus is on culture fit, then a path is paved for career success.
  • If a path is paved for career success, then an entry-level job may follow.
  • If an entry-level job follows, then potential for quality of life increases.
  • If quality of life increases, then balance may be achieved.

IF your skills match the job requirements and a focus is on culture fit, THEN a successful career path yielding monetary rewards & quality of life may be achieved. So, the next time you’re clicking through the results on the internship finder, don’t skip the unpaid ones.

Considering an Unpaid Internship Matters!