Why Dress Code Matters For Interns

Why Dress Code Matters For Interns
Why a dress code Matters for interns:
  • If dressing for the club ensures “eyes are on you”, then your next invite will be to happy hour not the business meeting.
  • If dressing for the gym sanctions a discussion with leadership, then the topic will be hygiene.
  • If showing off your tattoo sleeve highlights your creativity, then judgment from your multi-generational project team may ensue.
  • If dressing for corporate culture draws attention to your business skills, then the focus will be on your growth and development.
  • If dressing appropriately permits others to hear what you have to say, then your input will be seriously considered.
IF a dress code Matters to you, THEN you will have the opportunity to draw attention from leadership, get invited to meetings where you can creatively contribute to the business and colleagues want to support your development. What you wear Matters!